At LifeLine Pregnancy Help Center, we are very intentional about creating an environment where women and men feel welcomed, safe, and comfortable. From the inviting, warm décor, to the genuine caring smile at the front desk, we bring life to every person who walks in our doors.

Pregnancy Tests

Medical grade pregnancy tests. We are an approved Clinical Laboratory with a certificate of waiver from the State of North Carolina to perform laboratory examinations or procedures.

Limited Ultrasounds

Windows into the womb that confirm pregnancy viability. This is limited to the first trimester in most cases. Our Medical Director oversees all medical clinic practices as well as staff. We have a Nurse Manager oversees the day to day operation of our medical clinic. Our sonographers are professionally trained to perform ultrasounds in a pregnancy center setting and are approved by our Medical Director.

Options Education

Our responsibility is to inform and educate each client pregnancy test with the following:

Abortion Facts– procedures, emotional, mental, spiritual, & physical risks and fetal development. (We do not provide or refer for abortion, we do however provide vital statistics and medically accurate information to help women make an informed decision.)

Our passionate goal is that each woman and couple we educate will make one of the following choices:

  • Choose Life
  • Choose to Parent
  • Choose an Adoption Plan



We rejoice with every client who chooses life, and we offer a variety of parenting services and programs to help prepare for raising a child while balancing other life responsibilities. Other clients might discover that an adoption plan is the best decision to make for their baby and for themselves. If a couple chooses an adoption plan, we would refer them to an approved adoption agency outside of our office where they can work closely with professionals in taking the correct steps in the process of an adoption plan for their child.


Our Pregnancy Center also assist clients with physician referrals, Medicaid, and other life affirming community resources.

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