Why Pregnancy Care Clinic?

In South Central Illinois babies are being lost before they breathe their first breath. Men and women are hurting, struggling to find a solution. Many of them do not know there is a God who offers them love and hope.


Every year 1.2 million abortions occur in our country. That means 1 abortion takes place every 20 seconds. But abortion isn't just a national epidemic. It’s in our state. It’s in our city. The Pregnancy Care Clinic was founded to offer women who are considering abortion a place to go before they make this life-changing decision. At the PCC, women are empowered with information and truth. They find hope, care, and support. They find life ... and Christ.

Reach Them

Women in our city are searching the Internet every day for abortion services. The Pregnancy Care Clinic uses an outreach website and online advertising to reach the women most vulnerable and determined to get an abortion! When they schedule appointments with our center, we can offer them not only an introduction to their unborn child on an ultrasound screen but also the truth about abortion at an emotional, spiritual, psychological and/or physical level. In other words, we show them truth!

Show Them

When a woman comes to The Pregnancy Care Clinic, we share the truth about abortion and the unborn. Our medical personnel at the PCC provides free limited ultrasounds that allow a new mother to connect with her unborn baby for the first time. This usually results in a decision to carry. Our trained Client Advocates pray with clients, share the Gospel and the truth that they are loved by Christ the Creator of Life.

Help Them

The women who come to the Pregnancy Care Clinic need more than just a single conversation about their situation. They often need medical referrals and support for the decisions they make. The PCC provides the encouragement they need to continue their pregnancy as well as material and educational support to help. For any woman who struggles with a past abortion, we offer compassion while we lead them to the forgiveness and healing power of Christ.